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Boris Ginsburgs, editor.
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The Tea Codex is a collection of bibliographic resources for tea research, collected and maintained by the increasingly concerning Boris Ginsburgs of Melange Tea & Spice. Particularly important works are highlighted and in boldface.

Author Year Title
1771 Encyclopaedia Britannica
1797 Encyclopaedia Britannica, 3rd ed.
1798 View of the Tea Trade of Europe
1810 Encyclopaedia Britannica, 4th ed.
1823 Encyclopaedia Britannica, 6th ed.
1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th ed.
1813 Pantologia
1824 Tea
1826 Tsiology; a Discourse on Tea
1833 Cui Bono?
1834 Tea Trade
1837 Pidding v. How
1841 Manners and Customs of the Japanese, in the Nineteenth Century
1849 Remarks on the Tea Plant
1850 Tea-Smuggling in Russia
1866 Treasure of Botany
1874 Treasure of Botany, 2nd ed.
1869 Shall We Grow Tea?
1869 Tea Plant and Its Culture
1870 Tea Culture in the United States
1882 Tea Cyclopaedia
1882 Art of Tea Blending
1893 Art of Tea Blending
1885 Tea Planter's Vade Mecum
1895 Tea Growing in South Carolina
1903 Tea-Culture Investigations
1915 Dr. Shepard Dies on His Tea Farm
Abel, Clarke 1818 Journey in the Interior of China
Albes, Edward 1916 Yerba Mate; the Tea of South America
Alcott, William 1839 Tea and Coffee
Alkan, Isil, Onur Köprülü, and Bora Alkan 2009 Latest Advances in World Tea Production and Trade, Turkey's Aspect
Arab, Lenore, Weiqing Liu, and David Elashoff 2009 Green and Black Tea Consumption and Risk of Stroke
Baildon, Samuel 1877 Tea in Assam
Baildon, Samuel 1882 Tea Industry in India
Bald, Claud 1903 Indian Tea: Its Culture and Manufacture
Bald, Claud 1908 Indian Tea: Its Culture and Manufacture, 2nd ed.
Ball, Samuel 1848 Cultivation and Manufacture of Tea in China
Bamber, M. Kelway 1893 Chemistry and Agriculture of Tea
Barker, George M. 1884 Tea Planter's Life in Assam
Barrelier, Jacques 1714 Plantae Per Galliam, Hispaniam et Italiam
Bauhin, Gaspard 1623 Pinax Theatri Botanici
Bauhin, Gaspard 1671 Pinax Theatri Botanici, 2nd ed.
Bauhin, Johann 1651 Historia Plantarum Universalis Nova
Bell, John 1763 Travels to Diverse Parts of Asia
Bergsma, Adrian 1825 Dissertatio Inauguralis Botanico-Medica, de Thea
Blount, Sir Thomas Pope 1693 Natural History
Boccone, Paolo 1697 Museo Di Piante Rare
Bontekoe, Cornelis 1678 Tractaat van het Excellenste Kruyd Thee
Boswell, James 1891 Life of Johnson
Botero, Giovanni 1589 Della Ragion di Stato
Breyne, Jacob 1678 Exoticarum Aliarumque Minus Cognitarum Plantarum
Breyne, Jacob 1739 Icones Rariorum Plantarum
Bruce, Charles A. 1838 Manufacture of the Black Tea in Upper Assam
Bruinvis, C.W. 1892 Cornelis Bontekoe, de Theedoctor
Buchan, William 1784 Domestic Medicine, 8th ed.
Butler, Lisa M. 2010 Gold Hill Tea & Silk Farm: Japanese Wakamatsu Colony Influences California
Chambers, Ephraim 1728 Cyclopaedia
Chen Haozi 1900 Miroir des Fleurs
Cleyer, Andreas and Simon Paulli 1676 Herbe Thée Asiaticorum
Crawfurd, John 1830 Chinese Monopoly Examined
Crole, David 1897 Tea. A Text Book of Tea Planting and Manufacture
Cross, Malcom, and Rita Michaels 2010 Social Psychological Effects of Tea Consumption on Stress
CTAHR 2007 Tea (Camellia Sinensis) a New Crop for Hawai'i
Damore, Victoria R. 2018 Junius Smith: Pioneer of the Steam Trade, Abolitionist, and Horticulturist
Dampier, William 1699 New Voyage Round the World, 4th ed.
Davis, John Francis 1846 Chinese, The, 2nd ed.
Davis, Ethel et al. 2010 Walthourville
Day, Samuel Phillips 1878 Tea. Its Mystery and History
de Blégny, Nicolas 1687 Bon Usage du Thé du Caffé et du Chocolat
de Bomare, Jacques-Christophe Valmont 1769 Dictionnaire Raisonné Universel d'Histoire Naturelle
de Bondt, Jacob 1769 Diseases, Natural History, and Medicines of the East Indies
de Candolle, Augustin Pyramus 1816 Propriétés Médicales des Plantes
de Candolle, Augustin Pyramus 1832 Introduction a l'Étude de la Botanique
de Candolle, Alphonse Pyramus 1886 Origin of Cultivated Plants
de Guignes, Chrétien-Louis-Joseph 1808 Voyages a Peking, Manille, et l'Île De France
de Jarric, Pierre 1610 Histoire des Choses Plus Memorables Advenues tant ez Indes Orientales
de Loureiro, João 1790 Flora Cochinchinensis
de Rhodes, Alexandre 1666 Divers Voiages du P. Alexandre de Rhodes
de Rhodes, Alexandre 1854 Voyages et Missions de Père Alexandre de Rhodes
de Rosthorn, A. 1895 Tea Cultivation in Western Ssuch'uan and the Tea Trade with Tibet viâ Tachienlu
Drake, Francis Samuel 1884 Tea Leaves
du Halde, Jean-Baptiste 1735 Description Géographique, Historique, Chronologique, Politique et Physique de l'Empire de la Chine et de la Tartarie Chinoise
du Halde, Jean-Baptiste 1736 Description Géographique, Historique, Chronologique, Politique et Physique de l'Empire de la Chine et de la Tartarie Chinoise, 2nd ed.
du Halde, Jean-Baptiste 1736 General History of China
du Halde, Jean-Baptiste 1739 General History of China, 2nd ed.
du Halde, Jean-Baptiste 1741 General History of China, 3rd ed.
Duncan, Daniel 1705 Avis Salutaire a Tout le Monde, Contre l'Abus des Choses Chaudes
Ekeberg, Carl Gustaf 1771 Short Account of the Chinese Husbandry
Ellis, Henry 1817 Proceedings of the Late Embassy to China
Ellis, John 1770 Directions for Bringing over Seeds and Plants, from the East-Indies and Other Distant Countries, in a State of Vegetation
Falconer, Hugh 1834 Aptitude of the Himaláyan Range for the Culture of the Tea Plant
Field, David D. 1863 Brief Memoirs of the Members of the Class Graduated at Yale College in September, 1802
Fortune, Robert M. 1847 Three Years' Wanderings in the Northern Provinces of China
Fortune, Robert M. 1847 Three Years' Wanderings in the Northern Provinces of China, 2nd ed.
Fortune, Robert M. 1852 Journey to the Tea Countries of China
Fortune, Robert M. 1853 Two Visits to the Tea Countries of China and the British Tea Plantations in the Himalaya, 3rd ed.
Franklin, Alfred 1893 La Vie Privée d'Autrefois
Gardner, E.J., C.H.S. Ruxton, and A.R. Leeds 2006 Black Tea - Helpful or Harmful?
Garway, Thomas 1660? Exact Description of the Growth, Quality, and Vertues of the Leaf Tea
Gordon, G.J. 1835 Excursion to the Tea Hills, Which Produce Ankoy (Nganke) Tea
Graham, Stuart 2011 Tea Plantation Faces Collapse after Worker Rampage
Gray, Arthur 1903 Little Tea Book
Grosier, Jean-Baptiste 1788 General Description of China, English transl.
Hanway, Jonas 1757 Essay on Tea, 2nd ed.
Harte, Walter 1764 Essays on Husbandry
Hassall, Arthur Hill 1855 Tea, and Its Adulterations
Hollingworth, H.C. 1876 Principal Tea Districts in China
Houssaye, J.-G. 1843 Monographie du Thé
Johnson, Samuel 1757 Review of 'a Journal of Eight Days Journey'
Johnson, Samuel 1757 Reply to a Paper in the Gazetteer of May 26, 1757
Joncquet, Denis 1659 Hortus, sive Index Onomasticus Plantarum
Jones, A.C. 1877 Thea Viridis, or Chinese Tea Plant
Kaempfer, Englebert 1712 Amoenitatum Exoticarum
Kaempfer, Englebert 1906 Natural History of the Japanese Tea
Kalm, Pehr 1771 Travels into North America
Kircher, Athanasius 1673 Strange or Foreign Plants in China
Labat, Jean-Baptiste 1722 Nouveau Voyage aux Isles de l'Amerique
Lankester, Edwin 1873 Tea and Coffee, 2nd ed.
Leake, John 1792 Diseases of the Viscera
Lee, Kyung Won 1971 Gold Hill Colony
Lees, W. Nassau 1863 Tea Cultivation, Cotton and Other Agricultural Experiments in India
Lémery, Nicolas 1698 Traité Universel des Drogues Simples
Lémery, Nicolas 1714 Traité Universel des Drogues Simples, 2nd ed.
Lettsom, John Coakley 1772 Natural History of the Tea-Tree
Lettsom, John Coakley 1799 Natural History of the Tea-Tree, 2nd ed.
Lewis & Co. 1894 Tea and Tea Blending, 4th ed.
Linnaeus, Carl 1737 Hortus Cliffortianus
Linnaeus, Carl 1749 Materia Medica
Linnaeus, Carl 1753 Species Plantarum
Linnaeus, Carl 1762 Species Plantarum, 2nd ed.
Linnaeus, Carl 1764 Species Plantarum, 3rd ed. ("Viennese edition")
Linnaeus, Carl 1772 letter to John Coakley Lettsom
Linschoten, Jan Huygen van 1596 Itinerario
Linschoten, Jan Huygen van 1598 Discours of Voyages into Ye Easte & West Indies, English transl.
Linschoten, Jan Huygen van 1885 Voyage of John Huyghen Van Linschoten to the East Indies, reprint
Lippincott, James S. 1863 Geography of Plants
Macpherson, David 1812 History of the European Commerce with India
Maffei, Giovanni Pietro 1589 Historiarum Indicarum Libri XVI
Martin, Robert Montgomery 1832 Past and Present State of the Tea Trade of England
Martin, Robert Montgomery 1837 History of the British Possessions in the Indian & Atlantic Oceans
Martin, Robert Montgomery 1847 China; Political, Commercial, and Social
McCullough, John Ramsey 1850 Dictionary of Commerce and Commercial Navigation, 2nd ed.
Mew, James, and John Ashton 1892 Drinks of the World
Milburn, William 1813 Oriental Commerce
Mitchell, Ann 2008? Steeped in History
Mitchell, George F. 1907 Home-Grown Tea
Money, Edward 1878 Cultivation & Manufacture of Tea, 3rd ed.
Money, Edward 1883 Cultivation & Manufacture of Tea, 4th ed.
Morrison, Robert 1819 Dictionary of the Chinese Language
Mponda, Justice 2010 China Tea Clocks 100 Years in Malawi
Mulder, Gerardus Johannes 1838a Chemische Untersuchung des Chinesischen und Javanischen Thees, Part 1
Mulder, Gerardus Johannes 1838b Ueber das Atomgewichet des Theïns
Mulder, Gerardus Johannes 1838c Chemische Untersuchung des Chinesischen und Javanischen Thees, Part 2
Neumann, Caspar 1773 Chemical Works of Caspar Neumann
Nieuhof, Johan 1673 Embassy from the East-India Company of the United Provinces, to the Grand Tartar Cham Emperor of China, English transl., 2nd ed.
Nye, Gideon 1850 Tea: and the Tea Trade
Nye, Gideon 1850 Tea: and the Tea Trade, Parts First and Second, 3rd ed.
Olearius, Adam 1669 Voyages and Travels of the Ambassadors Sent by Frederick, Duke of Holstein, to the Great Duke of Muscovy and the King of Persia, English transl., 2nd ed.
Osbeck, Pehr 1771 Voyage to China and the East Indies, English transl.
Owyoung, Steven D. 2013 Tsia and Tsiology: A History of the Words
Parliament of England 1660 Grant of Certain Impositions Upon Beer, Ale and Other Liquors
Parliament of Great Britain 1731 Act to Prevent Frauds in the Revenue of Excise, with Respect to Starch, Coffee, Tea and Chocolate (Tea Adulteration Act)
Parliament of the United Kingdom 1784 Act for Repealing the Several Duties on Tea (Commutation Act)
Parliament of the United Kingdom 1813 Act for Continuing in the East India Company, for a Further Term, the Possession of the British Territories in India
Parliament of the United Kingdom 1813 Act for the Further Regulation of the Trade to and from the Places within the Limits of the Charter of the East India Company
Parliament of the United Kingdom 1818 Act to Amend and Reduce into One Act the Several Laws Relating to the Manner in Which the East India Company Are Required to Hire Ships
Parliament of the United Kingdom 1824 Act to Authorize the East India Company to Trade Direct from China to the British Colonies and Plantations in America
Parliament of the United Kingdom 1830 Affairs of the East-India Company: China Trade
Parliament of the United Kingdom 1839 Papers Received from India Relating to Introducing the Cultivation of the Tea Plant
Paulli, Simon 1665 Abusu Tabaci Americanorum Veteri, et Herbae Thee Asiaticorum in Europa Novo
Paulli, Simon 1681 Abusu Tabaci Americanorum Veteri, et Herbae Thee Asiaticorum in Europa Novo, 2nd ed.
Paulli, Simon 1667 Quadripartitum Botanicum, 2nd ed.
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Percival, Thomas 1767 Essays Medical and Experimental
Pett, George Thornton 1899 Ceylon Tea-Makers' Handbook
Pettigrew, Thomas Joseph 1817 Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Late John Coakley Lettsom
Phipps, John 1836 Practical Treatise on the China and Eastern Trade
Raynal, Guillaume Thomas 1753 Histoire Philosophique et Politique des Établissemens et du Commerce des Européens dans les Deux Indes
Reade, Alfred Arthur 1884 Tea and Tea Drinking
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Shepard, Charles U. 1893 Tea-Raising in South Carolina
Shepard, Charles U. 1899 Tea Culture: The Experiment in South Carolina
Short, Thomas 1730 Dissertation Upon Tea
Short, Thomas 1750 Discourses on Tea, Sugar, Milk, Made-Wines, Spirits, Punch, Tobacco, &c.
Sigmond, George Gabriel 1839 Tea; Its Effects, Medicinal and Moral
Sioli, Paolo 1883 Historical Souvenir of Eldorado County California
Smith, Hugh 1796 Treatise on Foreign Teas
Smith, Junius 1848 Cultivation of the Tea Plant, in the United States of America
Smith, Junius 1850 Cultivation of Tea in South Carolina (1)
Smith, Junius 1850 Cultivation of Tea in South Carolina (2)
Smith, Junius 1851 Communication from Greenville, South Carolina
Soyer, Alexis 1853 Pantropheon, or, History of Food
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Starr, Kevin Owen 2005? Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Farm Colony at Gold Hill
Staunton, Sir George 1797 Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China
Staunton, Sir George 1797 Historical Account of the Embassy to the Emperor of China
Sumner, John 1863 Popular Treatise on Tea: Its Qualities and Effects
Tachard, Guy 1686 Voyage de Siam, des Peres Jesuites
Teixeira, Pedro 1610 Relaciones De Pedro Teixeira d'el Origen Descendencia y Succession de los Reyes de Persia, y de Harmuz
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Tipton et al. 1990 Tea: Economic Fact Sheet #8
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Torén, Olof 1771 Voyage to Suratte, China, &c.
Tsjaaphilus 1808a Cultivation of, and Substitutes for, Tea
Tsjaaphilus 1808b Cultivation of the Tea Plant
Tsjaaphilus 1808c Tea
Tsjaaphilus 1808d Observations on Tea
Tulp, Nicolaes 1641 Observationum Medicarum
Tulp, Nicolaes 1652 Observationes Medicae, 2nd ed.
Twining, Richard 1784 Observations on the Tea and Window Act, and on the Tea Trade
Twining, Richard 1785 Observations on the Tea and Window Act, and on the Tea Trade, 2nd ed.
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