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John Coakley Lettsom (Wiki Commons)

John Coakley Lettsom (1744–1 Nov 1815) was an English physician and philanthropist. He was born on Little Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands, into one of the early Quaker settlements in the territory, and he grew up to be an abolitionist. He was the son of a West Indian planter and an Irish mother. His surname is sometimes spelled Lettsome. Lettsom founded the Medical Society of London in 1773, convinced that a combined membership of physicians, surgeons, and apothecaries would prove productive. The idea proved successful and the Society remains as a forum for all branches of the medicine to this day. Situated in London's medical community at Lettsome House, Chandos Street, near Cavendish Square, it is the oldest medical society in the United Kingdom. As founder, president (1775–76, 1784–85, 1808–11, 1813–15), and benefactor, Lettsom was its mainstay from 1773 until his death in 1815. — Wikipedia