Aloo Gobi with Panch Phoron


Aloo Gobi (the name simply means “potatoes and cauliflower”) is a quintessentially Indian dish – simple in its preparation and ingredients, but remarkably complex in its flavors, and ability to complement just about any other dish. This version demonstrates how one can use the Bengali spice mixture, panch phoron, to quickly create a vibrant, bright-but-warm, complicated dish in very little time.

Boiled Shrimp

I’m very proud of my Crab & Shrimp Boil – amazing how such a quick dish, nothing more than boiling some water, can result in such a full flavor, as if grilled. Enjoy with your favorite dipping sauce (like sour cream and Herbes de Provence, or mayo with Cajun Seasoning).

Agua di Jamaica (Iced Hibiscus)


Enjoyed around the world, this wonderful hot-weather beverage is also known as karkadé or sorrel, among other names.  This is one of the best summertime drinks ever – tart, refreshing, energizing, and some claim that it helps the body deal with heat and humidity more efficiently. Very tart, very fruity, full of vitamins – caffeine-free but still quite invigorating.

NOTE: Hibiscus is powerfully colored and can stain cloth, metal, or plastic. Therefore…

  • when cooking, wear an apron, or clothes you don’t care very much about
  • use metal pots
  • use glass jugs or bottles
  • be seriously careful about not spilling your drink


  • one very large pot, with a cover, for boiling 3 quarts of water
  • another large pot, big enough to hold 2 quarts of tea
  • a good large wooden spoon, or similar tool, for stirring the large pot
  • a large strainer or fine colander – we’ll use this once to rinse the hibiscus, and again to strain the tisane, so the finer the mesh, the better