Spice Jar


glass jar with white ridged lid • sifter available

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My favorite spice jar:

  • has a full 4-fl. oz. capacity, not the 3.97 or less that others do
  • has ridges on the rim for easy handling while cooking
  • is well-made, solid, easy to clean and work with
  • is affordable

Warning! Most commercial spice jars, for some strange reason, are slightly smaller than 4-fl. oz., and therefore my jars may not fit into other racks or storage you already have. My jars are 1.9″ wide x 4.2″ high.

Sifters are available, but I strongly discourage using these — you should never handle spice jars directly over your cooking, the heat and steam will leave moisture inside and ruin your spices very quickly.  Sifters are really only for things like salt and pepper and seasoning blends used at the table, not at the stove.

Additional information

Weight 128 g
Dimensions 4.2 × 1.9 × 1.9 in

No sifter, Add sifter