Bouquet Garni

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My own blend of: bay, parsley, and thyme

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Regular size = 14 grams (0.49 ounces), approximately 24 tsp (½ cup), the size of a standard spice jar.

A bouquet garni, traditionally, is a bundle of fresh herbs used to provide flavor and aroma to stocks and soups – this is a dry version meant to be an easy-to-use substitute. Use 1 tablespoon of bouquet garni for every 2 cups (16 oz.) of water, stock, or broth, by tying up the spices into a cheesecloth or some other kind of filter that you can remove after 20-30 minutes of cooking. My bouquet garni is meant to be basic so it can be used in any soup or stock imaginable – add other ingredients to provide variation, such as savory, sage, or rosemary, depending on the dish!


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