Ghost (Bhut Jolokia)


450,000 SHU ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◇ (extremely hot) • from India

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Regular size = 5 grams (0.21 ounces), approximately 24 tsp (½ cup), the size of a standard spice jar.

The Ghost chili, a variety of bhut jolokia, has an intense, robust, earthy heat that feels decidedly smoky. The heat is immediate and fills the entire palate with its full bold flavor, and the heat will feel like it “rises” into the head, opening the breathing and enhancing the aroma of your food. This is a very different heat than the Scorpion, without much sweetness or tang. The Ghost lends itself to intense spicy foods such as chili, curry, and stews, and is an excellent complement to robust strong-flavored foods and dishes. Invigorating and enlivening and a lot of fun!


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