Fenugreek, Ground


Trigonella foenum-graecum • from Australia, India

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Regular size = 50 grams (1.76 ounces), approximately 24 tsp (½ cup), the size of a standard spice jar.

Fenugreek is used frequently in Asian cuisines, particularly in curries, for its mild pleasant bitterness that brightens and complements earthy flavors very well. Fenugreek transforms when cooked, revealing flavors and aromas reminiscent of maple syrup, or caramel – this works in cooking but also makes fenugreek a very interesting ingredient for sweet and savory baking, though it is most often used in roasting, stewing, or baking poultry, vegetables, beans, or lentils. A very versatile spice that requires some practice (it can be overpowering if too much is used) but provides a truly unique exotic quality to many dishes.


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