Oregano, Ground


Origanum vulgare • from Greece, Turkey

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Regular size = 24 grams (0.85 ounces), approximately 24 tsp (½ cup), the size of a standard spice jar.

Oregano is one of the most well-known spices in the United States due to our familiarity with Italian food and classic tomato sauces. Oregano had a mild sharpness, and a sweet “green” flavor that complements tomatoes beautifully, lending a fresh herbaceous aroma to cooking and enhancing the flavors of roasted meats or vegetables. Ground oregano blends beautifully with other spices, particularly the other leaf spices such as thyme, basil, and parsley, and is often used in rubs or seasonings for roasting meats or vegetables. It is also an excellent ingredient in marinades, dressings, and dips.


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