Barley (Mugicha/Boricha)


toasty, warm, refreshing • from Japan

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Regular size = 50 grams (1.76 ounces), which will make ten 16-ounce servings, or thirteen 12-ounce servings, of tea.

Roasted barley tea, known as mugicha 麦茶 in Japan and boricha 보리차 in Korea, is one of the world’s most popular tisanes, loved for its toasty, rich flavors, and its remarkable ability to cool and refresh in the heat and humidity of summer. It is often made in large batches and then cooled to be drunk as an iced tea — easy to make, smooth and drinkable, and is believed to allow the body to more efficiently shed heat and perspire less. It is also an excellent, rich hot drink, caffeine-free but with a satisfying earthy warmth.

Temperature boiling (205°F) water
Weight 3.7g (1½ tsp) per 12 oz. water
5.0g (2 tsp) per 16 oz. water
10.0g (4 tsp) per quart
Time for full-flavored iced tea: add barley to boiling water, lower heat and cover, simmer 25 minutes
for a cup of hot tea, steep as normal for 10 minutes


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Weight 50 g
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