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Regular size = 20 grams (0.71 ounces), which will make ten 8-ounce servings of tea.

Senna is a powerful laxative – it stimulates peristaltic action in the intestines, helping your body naturally ‘push’ everything downwards and out within 12-24 hours. Just one or two 8 oz. servings for a day or two will help most people have healthy full bowel movements. Just as important, senna is actually a tasty tea, with a rich warm flavor that’s kind of like a mild lemon balm, and enjoyable smoothness. Awesome for when you need it. NOT to be had when you don’t.

Temperature boiling (205°F) water
Weight 12 oz. water : 4.5g (2 tsp) tea
16 oz. water : 6.0g (2¾ tsp) tea
Time 1-2 minutes


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Weight 20 g
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