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Aloo Gobi


Aloo gobi (the name simply means “potatoes and cauliflower”) is a quintessentially Indian dish — simple in its preparation and ingredients, but remarkably complex in its flavors, and ability to complement just about any other dish. Mine uses the Bengali spice mixture, panch phoron, to quickly create a vibrant, bright-but-warm, complicated dish in very little time.

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Chicken Curry

You might as well face it — everyone in the world is going to make a curry at least once in their lives.  It’s just a rule of cooking, and there’s good reason — a well-spiced homemade curry is one of the nicest things you can make, not only filling your home with the warm aromas of mixed spices but providing a wholesome, healthy, natural meal that is easy to make! The hard part is usually dealing with nearly two dozen spices, but I’ve already done the work with my famous Curry Powder.