Welcome to Melange Tea & Spice! Let’s get to the point, shall we?

Okay, finally I’ve done updating the super-top-secret software thingies in the background I needed to, which yes took many days longer than it should have. But the good news is the website and the online store are back up!  And I’m exhausted.

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About Me

  • Melange was the tea and spice store on the corner of 11th & Pine (1042 Pine Street). My name is Boris.
  • I closed the store for many reasons, but I really like doing what I do, so I moved the business to online-only and here we are.
  • Yes I’m a Bengals fan, thanks for asking.
  • I offer high-quality spices, salts, blends, chilis, and loose tea, at reasonable prices – my prices are market-driven and fluctuate, and while things aren’t as affordable these days as I’d like them to be I’m trying my best to keep my prices as low as I can afford to.
  • The main thing is my teas and spices are 100% pure, with nothing added – no added salt, sugar, extracts, oils, flavorings, preservatives, or anti-caking agents. I absolutely hate that stuff.
This was a nice store!

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